Promotional Gifts

Of course, our extensive range of promotional products is not the only reason to choose COLOUR WORLD TRADING L.L.C. as your corporate branding specialist. We also have over three years of experience in the field of promotional marketing and have assisted clients in a range of industries during this time. Established in 2010, we have since grown and developed to become one of the largest providers of corporate and branded promotional products in India, Dubai & Oman. We know what it takes to develop a solid marketing strategy that will be effective in stimulating sales and profits as well as boosting staff morale. When we look at promotional products such as pens and t-shirts, we know exactly how these common, household products can work very effectively in getting your business’ name out there among the general public. Hence, because of our extensive knowledge and equally as extensive catalog, choosing COLOUR WORLD TRADING L.L.C.  is a smart idea when it comes to gaining the tools that you need to promote your company as effectively as possible.


  • Your logo & your message is your brand, you want your image spread far and wide and you want it attached only to products of the highest order. That is what we do, Colour World are logo and text imprint specialists. If it has a surface, it can be printed on effectively. We do it all for you.
  • The vast variety of imprint options you can access with us includes but is far from limited to: embroidery, laser engraving, pad printing, silk printing, and screen printing. Of course in continuing our deeply engrained policy of controlling your costs, we offer extreme value in every imprint.
  • We ensure that when customers deal with us, they get full value for money, and quick service. We offer free samples to our customers. Our customers just send us their text or/ and logo, and we handle the full personalisation process.
  • Response Time: We have dedicated staff who will answer all your queries on products, prices, delivery etc. in just 30 minutes.



 Delivery Time: We maintain a super strict delivery schedule!